Trados is crashing when I make a wave of long video clip.

<SDLErrorDetails time="2021-02-22 오후 6:27:42">
  <ErrorMessage>UCEERR_RENDERTHREADFAILURE (예외가 발생한 HRESULT: 0x88980406)</ErrorMessage>
    <Type>System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089</Type>
    <HelpLink />
    <StackTrace><![CDATA[   위치: System.Windows.Media.Composition.DUCE.Channel.SyncFlush()
   위치: System.Windows.Interop.HwndTarget.UpdateWindowSettings(Boolean enableRenderTarget, Nullable`1 channelSet)
   위치: System.Windows.Interop.HwndTarget.UpdateWindowPos(IntPtr lParam)
   위치: System.Windows.Interop.HwndTarget.HandleMessage(WindowMessage msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)
   위치: System.Windows.Interop.HwndSource.HwndTargetFilterMessage(IntPtr hwnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam, Boolean& handled)
   위치: MS.Win32.HwndWrapper.WndProc(IntPtr hwnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam, Boolean& handled)
   위치: MS.Win32.HwndSubclass.DispatcherCallbackOperation(Object o)
   위치: System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
   위치: System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)
   위치: System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher.LegacyInvokeImpl(DispatcherPriority priority, TimeSpan timeout, Delegate method, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
   위치: MS.Win32.HwndSubclass.SubclassWndProc(IntPtr hwnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam)]]></StackTrace>
    <ProductName>SDL Trados Studio</ProductName>
    <OperatingSystem>Microsoft Windows 10 Home</OperatingSystem>
    <PhysicalMemory>16309396 MB</PhysicalMemory>

Hi, I'm glad SDL Trados offers a great plugin to process subtitles.

It works just fine when i'm handling short video clip under 10 minutes or so.

But when I processed 40 minutes video, Trados just crashed with above error report.

I want to know if there's a solution.


+ Thanks for your kind answer.

I updated windows, nvidia game ready driver, but it didn't worked.

I tested different videos, and I figured something like below.

1. It only crashes when I click 'Show Sound Waveform' option. Linking video works just fine regardless of length.

2. Last time I checked, Video that is 25 minutes length had no problem at all. Sound waveform created successfully.

3. It starts to crash when the video is around 30 minutes or over.

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  • Hi, Steven Whale

    Thanks for the answer

    I updated my windows and nvidia game ready driver, but trados is still crashing.

    My trados version is 2021 SR 1 and up to date.

    Am I the only one having this kind of trouble?

    I'm still testing with videos of different length.

    Below is the result.

    - 16:45 video, 100,000 audio block, 1.2gb - no problem, audio waveform is successfully created

    - 29:45 video, over 170,000 audio block, 4.1gb - when I make audio wave form -> trados crash

    Please let me know if there's other solution.

    Thank you

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