How to use Termbase in two PCs?

I am using Trados Studio 2021 freelance.

Recently, I upgraded it to freelance plus so that I can continuously perform translation at two places, in some cases.

At home, I am translating a document by using Termbase and TM.

In order to continuously translate at another PC, I saved the document although I have not completed the translation.

Also, I uploaded the related translation file, TM and Termbase-related files in my private email for using the same another PC.

I downloaded the file, TM and Termbase-related file.

At another PC, I activated freelance plus and opened the translated file.

However, TM seems to activate well but Termbase is not reflected in the translated file.


I wonder how to use Termbase in two PCs.

I would appreciate receiving your detailed explanations on this matter.

Thank you.

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