SDL Trados Studio 2021 announced - will it have the top-to-bottom editor view we've been missing since TagEditor?

Hello everyone

The title quite says it all.

Ever since Studio was introduced, I've been nostalgic about the good ol' days of TagEditor and its clearer and more convenient top-to-bottom view for translation and revision.

The preview brochure says:

No two translators are the same. You have your own working style, your own processes, as well as a variety of clients
stipulating unique needs and requirements.
Your CAT tool should reflect this. Being able to tailor your CAT tool to suit how you work ensures maximum productivity
and efficiency. With SDL Trados Studio 2021, personalizing your CAT tool will be a whole lot easier.

But will it finally include this option again?

Hoping to get a reply from SDL, and if you happen to be one of us who're hoping to get this feature back, don't hesitate to reply or vote on this thread!

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