Can't login to language cloud in Studio 2021

Hey there!

I got myself 2 licenses of Studio 2021 lately and I am having issues to use cloud based projects in order to be able to switch between my Desktop at home an Laptop on the go. When I am trying to create a new cloud project I am being asked to login to the language cloud. Once I entered my credentials (I started a free membership for the language cloud) All I get is the error that the page can't be loaded and that I need to check if the URL is right. I haven't been able to figure it out at all. Any ideas what causes this and how I could get it working? I would love to use that feature to get the full potential out of my 2 licenses.

Also I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I'd like to avoid to have 2 posts open in multiple areas of teh forum. Since I am pretty busy I won't be able to keep track of multiple posts.

Every day when I try to open Trados 2021 I get the error that some Word bar can't be loaded and so Trados won't start up. This happens once every day on both devices. I was able to fix it by renaming the folders in Appdata/Roaming to OLD so it would be newly generated. This fixes it for the day and I can start it up as many times as I want without getting the error. The very next day I need to rename the folders again though to be able to start it up at all. I don't lose my projects but it is kind of annoying if I would have to do this every single day...

Thanks for taking the time!


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