Google Translate API - How to activate in SDL Trados Live?


I just downloaded SDL Studio 2021 & wanted to create my first Cloud Project. I can add my TMs and Termbases without any problem, but I can't find where/how I can add Google Translate (even though in the documentation on SDL Trados Live, it says that this should be possible).

Has anyone else tried this (and succeeded)?

Many thanks in advance for the replies!


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  • ... and your screenshot of your configured plugin?

  • I could not erase personal information. I sent a private message to SDL. Thank you.

  • ok - I'd be interested to know what the problem was as I don't know anyone who uses this Google V3 plugin in Trados Live yet.

  • Yes I will, but they take a very long time to answer my question.

    Maybe this is me who do not enter the information properly.

    What is the Google Service Account Key? What is the Google Project ID? And Google Cloud location? Can you take some screenshots of yours on the Google Cloud Console, please?

  • Did you look at the tooltips?

    And the help documentation here:

    To be fair I don't think the text around this plugin is very helpful.  For example, the "Google Service Account Key" suggests this is a simple code.  It's not, you need to create the JSON file, and from the looks of it extract some of the information to put in this field:

    The rest you get from your google account.

    If you think this is the same as the Google Translate you had in Studio then note that it is not.  This is for Google AutoML (some of it anyway) and you have to go through the set up explained in the Google documentation.

  • Can you explain in detail how to do that? I am very bad with computers. I need instructions, step by step. Hope you will have time and energy to do it.

  • I'm afraid not.   I feel as though I'd have to write a manual for something that is already available in the Google documentation.  Perhaps you can review this video made by a another developer that walks through the process quite nicely:

    Have you also considered the costs of this one compared to just using SDL Language Cloud which is already free for you?  I can tell you I get billed hundreds each month training the engines and maintaining the cloud storage.  Then you'd have the translation costs on top of that.  Why do you want to use Google so much?

  • Thank you, I will have a look at it and see how much it cost. So far, google never sent me any bill. I may try Microsoft translator if it is too expensive. The SDL Language Cloud is very bad for French into Arabic, unfortunately. Google is a lot better. I would say, 50% better. Better than any other Machine translation that I tried before. 

  • Frankly, I do not know why SDL makes it so difficult to use Google Translate or Microsoft translator. I guess they want us to use their machine translation. I give up for now. It's too difficult. I wanted to use Live essential but I will go back to my Desktop 2019 Freelance instead. I keep have these error messages that I am not allowed to use this resource. Maybe they will solve the problem for me at SDL. I do not know. We will see.

  • Frankly, I do not know why SDL makes it so difficult to use Google Translate or Microsoft translator.

    Excuse me!!  Have you looked at the documentation for Google Translate AutoML?  We did not write this, nor did we create the solution.  Google did.  No other CAT supports AutoML at all as far as I'm aware.  If you want to use it then it's your responsibility to learn how to do it, not ours.  We have provided the tools to you, free of charge.  It's not our fault it has complex requirements to be able to use it.

  • A long outstanding request has been for us to add support for Google AutoML.  In the new MT Enhanced Beta for Studio that we created we have added it.  And with Trados Live it has been provided.  I don't think yo understand the difference between the V2 and the V3 APIs or what AutoML is capable of providing you with.  It is a very complicated setup, created by Google and not SDL, but if you are able to read the documentation and understand it then you'll be able to follow it through.

    I don't believe the V3 is something for you.  I think you need the simple put your API key in and that's it.  This is only available with the V2 API and we don't have support for this in Trados Live.

    V3 allows you to do things like:

    • build trained MT engines with your own data
    • use glossaries to influence the way the MT results are provided to you
    • have different MT models available to you for different situations

    You cannot do this with the V2 API.

    Your best bet for now is to just use MT Enhanced in Studio.  You can still create your projects in Trados Live if you like, then pre-translate them in Studio to get what you need.  Then work on them in the cloud if you prefer.

    I guess they want us to use their machine translation.

    You kind of annoyed me with this.  I have spent a whole thread trying to understand where you're coming from and to help you, only to realise you don't understand what you're looking at at all.  We also provide you with MT for free... so what have we got to gain from "forcing" you to use it by deliberately making Google difficult to use?

    Think about it.

  • I am sorry to hurt your feeling. My apology.

    I am sure SDL will ask money for using their MT after a while. That is why I said that. Anyhow, the result in not so good, so I will not use it, even for free.

    I tried to use the API Key while I am translating in my desktop program (with a cloud project) and it is not working also. I have error messages.

    So I am coming back to Studio 2019 for the projects I need it. I do not want to have my documents pre translated. I use only MT for suggestions.

    God bless you. Thank you for all your help.

  • Good answer... and I apologise too.

    After many years we have not charged for this for freelance translators. We do charge for equivalent features to Google AutoML.  Maybe we'll improve over time and offer an improved FR-AR as well.  Might be worth you checking in from time to time.

  • Hi Paul,

    As setting up access to Google Translate in Studio 2021 is very different from previous implementations and requires a separate download and installation, I think it will be a good idea to include the latest version of this specific plug-in in the Studio 2021 installation package. Otherwise, people will waste time to look for a solution, download, install, re-start, etc.

    Best regards,


  • Once the plugin is installed the setup is exactly the same.  The problem in this thread is that Suzanne specifically wanted to know how to configure the V3 Google API in Trados Live and this is very different to the less functional one that used to be in Studio... the old V2 API.  This is Googles versioning, not ours.

    Google was removed deliberately because we have several dozen translation providers and even when Google was part of the product it was not the most heavily used.  So having it separate and available as part of a download from the appstore is the most logical step and ensures a consistent approach across them all.  DeepL, MyMemory etc are used far more than Google and people don't have any problems finding these.