Google Translate API - How to activate in SDL Trados Live?


I just downloaded SDL Studio 2021 & wanted to create my first Cloud Project. I can add my TMs and Termbases without any problem, but I can't find where/how I can add Google Translate (even though in the documentation on SDL Trados Live, it says that this should be possible).

Has anyone else tried this (and succeeded)?

Many thanks in advance for the replies!


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  • Frankly, I do not know why SDL makes it so difficult to use Google Translate or Microsoft translator.

    Excuse me!!  Have you looked at the documentation for Google Translate AutoML?  We did not write this, nor did we create the solution.  Google did.  No other CAT supports AutoML at all as far as I'm aware.  If you want to use it then it's your responsibility to learn how to do it, not ours.  We have provided the tools to you, free of charge.  It's not our fault it has complex requirements to be able to use it.

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