setting up a new project

Dear All,

I am setting up a new project on Trados live. I am told to use the (default language processing rules) option to create the translation engines. But the drop down menu does not have this option at all. It only has this folder only/ this folder and above. Also the filed template does not have any options. Am I missing something?



  • Can you elaborate a little please?  I'm wondering if the problem you are having is using the most intuitive dropdown which is presented from your browser when you click into a field like this:

    Sometimes the options are correct, but they are coming from your browsers auto-select (or whatever that feature is called...).  The place to really select for sure is here:

    Note the difference... you see the full set of options when they actually come from Trados Live.

    This may not be your problem, but perhaps you can explain it now and remove my confusion?