NMT models?

Under Creating translation engines, we are told that "Before you begin: Make sure you created and defined NMT Models." But the link leads nowhere, and I can't figure out what NMT models really are. When I select Resources > Manchine Translation Engines > NMT Models, I get a long list of "Neural Machine Translation Models" which I certainly have neither created nor defined. And why they are called models I can't understand. They are all generic anyway.

So maybe someone can explain this "creating and defining" matter?

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  • Thanks for your reply, which clarified a lot.

    A further question on more or less the same topic: 

    This list of "models" contains a very large number of generic engines (strangely, though, each language appears 111 times -- how come, when any language should appear in lanugage pairs, meaning that the total number should be even). They are also available via the option SDL Language Cloud in the Studio settings, which is good.

    However, if I go to SDL Trados > Products > Machine Translation and click Available languages, the list is quite small (except when English is the source language). For what services is this list applicable?

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