Language cloud online editor - pasted text disappears


When I copy-paste text from whatever type of document (.doc, .txt, .html, etc.), the pasted text disappears from the language cloud online editor, and I have to copy it one more time. Usually, the second time I copy it, it doesn't disappear. In the beginning, I thought it was an RTF-related issue, but even deleting all sorts of text formatting hasn't changed the situation. Of course, it is not that bad since I just have to click CTRL-V twice, but it is quite annoying.

  • Hello ,

    I have tried to replicate this but are unable to do so.

    Could you perhaps try and close all other tabs you have open (to ensure nothing is interfering with network connectivity/slowing down the connection) and or try with a different browser.

    Let us know if this helps.

  • Thank you Steven for your reply.

    The problem occurs occasionally, and changing the browser (I've tried both with chrome and edge) and closing all the open tabs do not have any effect.
    I don't really think it is due to the laggy internet connection, as it happens simultaneously with other colleagues working from different cities and countries (it happened at the same time in Italy and in Turkey for instance), so it would be quite a coincidence, wouldn't it?

    I've recorded my screen, I don't know if I've posted it correctly Disappointed

  • Could you please test it again - we deployed some improvements which should address this issue.

  • Thanks Patrik, the situation seems to be improved! Thanks for the support!