Synchronisation issues between Studio and Trados Live (changes not present in final document)

Hi, we are new to Trados Live and we have encountered a problem with the review and finalization stages. We may be doing something wrong, so here are the steps we took:

- After translation, we opened the files for linguistic review and made a number of changes in Studio. We then marked the file review as complete and marked the review task as complete in Trados Live.

- We then opened the files for the final check (sign-off) in Studio, and accepted the changes made during the linguistic review. Next, the files were signed off and the final check task was marked complete in Trados Live.

However, when downloading and opening the target files from Trados Live, we noticed that many of the changes were not made in the final documents. Also, the comments we had made for the client had all been removed.

Is there a way to go back to the previous versions? We can no longer open or revert the files locally in Studio to see whether our corrections are still present there.

If anyone knows what we did wrong at some point, please let us know.