RWS Trados Live time zone?


I was translating for the first time into the Trados Live cloud TM and noticed that it stores translations with a time stamp of GMT. Without being explicit on that! As I'm working somewhere else, GMT+3 hours, I'd prefer seeing my own time zone - that it how it is shown in the Studio while working. Or at least please clearly show which time zone the cloud is in. 


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  • Hi,

    Using a cloud TM in Studio does show the appropriate timestamp based on the regional/time zone set in the Windows system running the Studio application.

    I'm therefore assuming the Online Editor was used in the described example. And here it's currently indeed the case that, always, the Coordinated Universal Time or UTC is used for displaying any timestamps related to translation units in the TM lookup results.
    This is planned to be changed in the future, to provide a more accurate information and one that the user can relate to more easily (e.g. by displaying it in the appropriate time zone of the user accessing the translation unit).

    Best regards,