typing problem

Trados live does not letting me type more than two letters, sents me in an other pharagraf

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  • Hi ,

    Can you please provide more details to what page in Trados Live you're referring to, is it in the Online Editor perhaps?

    Also it would be most useful to have some screenshots to illustrate this point, so we can be able to check further.


  •  the editor on line , I can also make a video if it helps

  • Hi

    yes please a video would also help. In addition, can you please check if you open other files in Online Editor, can you type on the target side without a problem with other documents?


    • Saldo in other documets I have the dame problem. I did try with using my friend computer but still It Is not working
    • Video
  • Good morning, I did try to open other files and still cant type, I do heave the same problem in every file.

  • Hello, can you please respond to me, I really need to work with Sdl Trados Live
    I need to know how can I solve this problem...

  • Trados live does not letting me type more than two letters, sents me in an other pharagraf

    can someone please reply to me, I really need to solve this problem ... Thank you

  • I have the same problem.  Currently using Trados 2021 30-day trial version

  • Support Case Id : 00601986. Support case has been logged for your assistance. Please check your SDL Community email address for updates.

  • Hi ,

    The cloud- based product, Trados Live- is not available with the trial version of Trados Studio, along with other restrictions, such as: usage of plugins from the AppStore, managing terminology with Multiterm and connecting to machine translation Language Cloud.


  • Trados Live is available to me even in the trial version.  I was able to create a Trados Live Project.  The only problem is that in Online Editor I can type only 2 characters at at time.  I am not using Multiterm.