Frustration with Trados Live

I've been a Trados Studio user for years and it worked well, but since I started to use Trados Live, the experience has been far from satisfactory. The online editor works nothing like the editor in Trados Studio. For example: I can't move the cursor between words or select whole words for the purpose of deleting (I can only move the cursor one letter at a time), the copy/paste keyboard shortcuts don't work, the merge segment function doesn't work. The only thing that works as expected while inserting the text is the "home" and "end" key for placing the cursor at the beginning or at the end of a sentence. 

So my question is: is it possible that this lack of functionality is present because I work on a Mac using Safari (I also tried Chrome, but the result was the same) or is there another reason? At the moment I'm pretty disappointed with the user experience. The workflow is much slower and rather counterintuitive. 

One more disclaimer: I use Trados Live because I wanted to transition from Trados Studio because I had to run Windows on Parallels and it seemed like a great option for the users that work on Apple computers. 

I'd like to hear from others if there are users who encountered the same problems. 

Take care. 


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