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Translation Productivity Forums
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    Many translators find AutoHotkey to be a very useful tool for automating things with simple scripts. If you have any questions on how to do this, or want to share your latest script then here's the place to do it
    Translation Productivity (Notifications Only)
    If you have a question that is not related to Studio or MultiTerm you can use this forum to ask it..!
    Translation Productivity (Notifications Only)
    Licensing and Installation
    If you have a question about licensing or installation then this is the place to ask.
    Translation Productivity (Notifications Only)
    Ask any question related to the use of MultiTerm as a standalone tool. This can include MT Convert, MT Extract or MultiTerm Workflow. Questions on how to use MultiTerm with Studio are best asked in the Studio Forum.
    Translation Productivity (Notifications Only)
    Product Updates
    Subscribe to this forum to receive information about product updates (CU's, new releases etc.) for all the products supported in this community (Studio, MultiTerm and GroupShare. SDL Passolo is in the Passolo group)
    Translation Productivity (Notifications Only)
    Regex and XPath
    Studio makes excellent use of regular expressions and XPath in a number of places. If you have any questions on how to work with regex or XPath then this is the place to ask!
    Translation Productivity (Notifications Only)
    SDL AppStore Applications
    These applications are supported by their developers, but feel free to ask a question in here and maybe someone will be able to help!
    Translation Productivity (Notifications Only)
    SDL Language Cloud
    Machine Translation integration for SDL Trados Studio
    Translation Productivity (Notifications Only)
    SDL Trados Studio
    Ask any question related to Studio or how to upgrade from other tools, or handle bilingual files originating from other tools.
    Translation Productivity (Notifications Only)
    Technical Documentation and Product Help
    We're always trying to improve the information we provide to support our users and help them to find the right guidance at the right level of detail. This forum is the place where you can help us to make it better!
    Translation Productivity (Notifications Only)
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