DB Containers: Backup/Restore between two GS 2017 instances

Hi all,

I have two server pairs with already installed and running GS 2017. Lets call one "productive" and second "test" server. I want to automatically backup DB container in productive SQL server and restore it on the test SQL server. It worked without any issues within GS2015. I took all containers and restored them on the other server, i only had to change one SQL line in the SDLSystem container and the test Application server automatically picked up the containers. I am trying to do same with GS2017.

OK, there is additional container other than SDLSystem called TMService where i have to change some SQL tables as well. This is fine and after restore and all the necessary changes, i can see the containers from the GS Web UI, i can manipulate with resources, Export/Import/Create. But i am not able to log and use resources from this GS test server from Studio Client (2017). 

Any idea how to tackle this problem or where to check? Of course there is not any error message in the SDL logs (application, execution, etc...), all seems to be OK.

Any help would be very appreciated.

thanks and regards,


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