Groupshare and internet speed

I am having an issue with confirming segments in Studio 2019. It takes at least 25 seconds to confirm longer segments, shorter works fine. I am working from a new location with an internet speed of 300 Mb and the laptop is also new, so it is difficult to know the source of the problem.. I work with Groupshare and several big TMs. Internet searches works ok, it is just this issue, so I thought I'd just ask before I contract more speed.

  • Hi Liisa. Are you using a VPN connection in order to connect to SDL GroupShare server? If yes, try to access the SDL GroupShare server without VPN (if possible). Can you check what version of SDL Trados Studio is installed on your computer? You can retrieve this information from SDL Trados Studio -> Help -> ABout SDL Trados Studio. The latest SDL Trados Studio 2019 release is: If you have a different version installed, you can download the latest update from here: .

  • Hi Alex, thanks a lot for your answer, it gives me some hope. I will look this up as soon I get a minute, but had to leave it aside for the moment. Busy times...

  • Hi. I read Lisa's post, and I am experiencing the same. Actually very often (at least 3 days/week) this happens here too, taking 30 seconds to confirm a segment.
    We are working with Studio 2021 and GroupShare GS: - GS 2020 SR1.
    It is extremely time consuming. Everything else is working fine, so I thought it must be the GS that is causing this delay. Sometimes accessing GS directly also takes a lot of time, or the server is down. This is happening very often, while there is no noticeable delay in other internet actions.

    Any idea how this can be solved?

    Thanks, Daniela

  • Hi Daniela. The slow performance when confirming segments may have been caused by multiple reasons. In some of the cases the root cause is due to the internet connection. Since you mentioned the GroupShare current version installed, can you tell me if you notice any message at the bottom left corner of Trados Studio Editor window when confirming translations (e.g. Generating Preview)?


  • Hi Alex, 

    Yes, I noticed that, the message "generating Preview" appears on and off several time. Sometimes it takes several minutes until the editor is ready again.

  • The "Generation Preview" message indicates system performance issues.  As mentioned in the above reply, these type of issues could be related to the following:

    - Application server running low in resources (CPU usage, RAM memory usage, low disk space)

    - Check to see if you have the latest Trados Studio Release (Trados Studio 2019 SR2 CU8 / Trados Studio 2021 SR1 CU4

    - If you can share the GroupShare log files from the application server side (C:\ProgramData\SDL\Service\Logs) via my email:, I will review it and probably I can find something that may indicate the root cause

    I hope the suggested helps.