How do I import entries from an Excel file into a server termbase?

I am using the SDL MultiTerm desktop app, logged into the server and able to create the termbase.

I would normally go to the “Termbase Management” window and under the termbase upload by using Import --> Process and search for the XML file (which I create using the SDL Convert app). However, this time there is no Import (only Export). When I go to the “Administrator” window, under the termbase, I see Import under Public Object and there is no Process but Load and I need to use an .xdi file instead.

Am I missing any steps? How do I create an .xdi file? Let me know if you can help.

  • Hi Antonio. I have review the steps you mentioned. If you right click on the Import (under the Public Object), you will get the 2 options: Add/Create & Load. The process button should be enabled in the upper main ribbon once you click in the Import. You can check the screenshot I am enclosing. If you do not see this button, you can try to reset the window layout (View tab -> Reset window layout). If you still don't see the Process button, check the user rights, for the affected termbase. I hope one of the solutions helped.



  • Hi Alex, Yes, I was actually able to figure it out just after I posted. I was not looking properly at the buttons/options. It's all good. Thanks for the reply. 

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