GroupShare Online Editor- Training Plan

Interested in any experience that managers of SDL GS deployments have with training materials and strategy. 

We are a large professional services firms and are reviewing GS Online as a way to help non-translators with semi-formal training requirements. The materials I have found are accurate but reflect a limited management of,  and not novice user perspective.  We are and SDL Enterprise user ( SDL on prem).

Welcome any best practices or higher level strategy ( org structure, template creation, dictionaries and term bases, workflow, etc ..)  content on organizing rollout and use of online editor for success.



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  • Hi Richard, I am working with Daniel on a practical guide that helps users to understand when it is more efficient to use Studio and when it is more appropriate to use the Online Editor. It includes a listing of the notable differences between both editors. Now, we have a draft chapter that fits well to your use case of the non-professional occasional translation situation pointing out the use of the Online Editor.  Let me know if you like to have a look at it. It should be in a shareable form quite soon. 
    Best Matthias