Problems for certain user classes in downloading certain projects from GS

We have a curious issue with GS 2020 (only observed since our upgrade):  some of our larger and older projects cannot be downloaded from the GS by internal users (“Failed to open server project” with no specific error code). Internal users being “Translators”, “Power users”, even “Admin” on the corporate LAN.

However, external users (with far fewer permissions, obviously) on another part of our network could still download them.

Initially I thought it might be a size issue (with the initial packet), or a LAN issue, but it turns out that using an “external translator” account on the LAN, the projects can be downloaded.

I know that in GS 2020, user management seems to be handled slightly differently (with users being allocated to a project on creation).

Still, I cannot fathom what would be preventing the admin from doing that is available to external user permissions.

Can anyone see what I am obviously blind to?

Thanks in advance for your insight!


  • Hi  - When you say "projects cannot be downloaded" - what do you mean? Opening a GroupShare project in Studio? Opening it in the GroupShare website, or downloading files from the GroupShare website from within a certain project? A few other things we would need here to progress: screenshot of the error / please try to create a new user in GroupShare and give it Administrator role / create a new role in GroupShare and give it all the permissions and a new user and give it this role - does the issue still happen? / You mention this impacts older and larger projects. Does this mean that a brand new project that is large works fine? 

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Thank you


  • Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for getting back on this and apologies for the delay in responding.

    I was somewhat imprecisely referring to downloading a project from the GS to a local Studio client.

    Following your hints:

    1. New user created with Admin rights cannot download the project in question
    2. New user created with Expert user rights cannot download the project in question
    3. New user created with External translator rights (so, far fewer rights) can however download the project in question: however only a handful of the files that the project contains are visible

    Admin profiles cannot seemingly download the project from the GS.

    External user profiles seem to be able to, but do not have visibility over all of the files in the project. On this point, users only seem to be able to see files that have been assigned to them (internal users can typically see all files).

    I note that the project settings for this project fail to load on the GS.

    This seems to occur to projects that are old (we do not tend to create projects per file, but maintain single projects for a given subject area/department, etc.).