Groupshare project not visible in Open Project window


I have Studio (2021) with an additional license, so 2 licenses in total, with Studio installed on a PC and on a laptop. The same Groupshare account for my client is used on both systems, which are running the same Studio version and build. I can see Groupshare projects in the Open Project window on my laptop, but not on my PC: "No projects were found", whereas previously they were. The issue just cropped up a while ago, at a time I did not make any changes to settings or install updates (as far as I can remember). At the same time these (as yet unopened) projects are visible on my laptop. (I know they disappear from this window once opened.)

All settings have been checked and are exactly the same. (Include subfolders, Show all projects, etc.)

The Groupshare server has been deleted on the PC and added again, user details re-entered, just to make sure, but no change.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance for any helpful responses!