Continuing with BaccS from earlier versions


First of all, congratulations to Eugene Kuchinsky - he managed to build quite a useful application in a couple of years, and now SDL has decided to add it to its stall of products for translators.

As a "longtime" user of BaccS (nearly 1.5 years now) I am, however, left wondering what my status is and whether I will be able to profit from new developments. I have acquired BaccS through my ProZ Plus-membership and regularly got the updates that Eugene published so diligently. But now that SDL has added BaccS to its portfolio, does that mean that it will (at some point in the future) no longer be available through ProZ Plus? If so, what can SDL offer us existing users to continue using BaccS and updating/upgrading to future newer versions? I have noticed that there have been no updates to the software for quite a while (it's quite a difference from the pace with which Eugene released updates a while ago).

The old BaccS community forum is very silent on this, and the BaccS forum on ProZ also doesn't mention this move. SDL presents BaccS as if it is something quite new, without mentioning that it has existed for a couple of years prior to it being launched as an SDL product.

Much as I like BaccS, I need to be sure that I am not stuck with a product that will slowly age and become obsolete, and that I am not caught in yet another kind of subscription or pay-per-upgrade scheme, as happens with so many software programs that I use. Integration with SDL products for me is quite low priority, as I have to work with so many different CAT tools and most often simply receive a package from a client, where the analysis has already been made and there is no need to extract the figures from Studio to BaccS.

I hope we can get some clarity on this, as it may affect my decision on whether or not to continue with my ProZ Plus membership and/or my use of BaccS itself.

Best regards,

Matthijs Frankena

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