Editing the width between the line on a self-made template

Hi Eugène,

I have created my own template using the V8 model of invoice template. All works fine except one thing: the interval between the lines. as I did not need some of the informations provided at the project line I suppressed these. But this results having too large intervals between the projects line (in red for you to see):


What should I do in the editor to reduce the interval ?

I tried many things but never found the solution... Can you help ? Thanks in advance

Ps: I am on the proz version so blocked at 4.14.0

  • Hello, Manuella,

    Thanks for detailed screenshots! Although it's still a bit difficult to determine the reason. So, InvoiceRow has 'red' elements, which means that overlap or go beyond borders. Try to select individual elements in this row and adjust their height and width according height of InvoiceRow band. Also, I see that PO number has larger size. Try to select it (and other labels as well), and deselect Can grow property:

    Also, in default template, this band has unusual structure: it has Panel element, and labels inside this panel. This is done to keep background color correctly (panel has background, while labels can be printed or not printed). So, when I changed panel height, I've got this:

    You see, most left label? Panel height is smaller than height of a label inside it. So, you have to click each label inside it and decrease its height per panel height. When I did this and switched to Preview, got correct heights:

    Hope this all will help

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