GS: 14.2.32756.8 - SR1 CU8 - not applying our language resources

Does anyone know why GS is suddenly not applying any of our language resources? We work with TMs that have plenty of tailored segmentation rules and they are not working today. Not even segmentation by commas or other basic rules. 

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  • Hi, do you mean, that after GS upgrade to GS 2017 CU8, the TMs do not have linked any Language resource template anymore?
  • Hi

    The support team have checked this issue and confirmed that in CU8 there are some issues related to the language resource templates (reference CRQ-8128 and CRQ-12115). Development is working on a fix for this issue and we recommend not using the language resource templates until this is fixed.

    You can follow up with the support teams through your support contract and refer to the CRQ numbers above.