GS 2017 Dashboard visibility


When a user logs into the GS server via the web interface, the first thing he sees is the dashboard.

This dashboard not only shows the tasks assigned to him, but also all pending projects and (via a link) all the projects as well as statistics about the number of words translated and projects created. This information is available to all users regardless of their role. 

We believe that the list of all projects as well as the overall statistics should not be visible for external translators in a LSP environment. They should only see the information pertaining to the tasks they are assigned to.

Can this be configured somewhere?


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  • Hi Walter,

    I'm wondering if I might be misunderstanding your description, as they are in conflict with what is available on the dashboard and the permissions for it.

    In SDL Trados GroupShare 2017, the permission called "View Dashboard" controls if a user can access the dashboard or not.
    And e.g. the default "External Translator" role isn't granted this permission.

    Further, if a user is granted the "View Dashboard" permission, s/he will only see the tasks, projects/deliveries and statistics for which they have access to (through the relevant organization(s)).

    Is this what you were looking for?

    Best regards,
  • In reply to Phillip Maieski:

    Hi Phil

    Thanks for this clarification.

    Unfortunately, our experience is that the dashboard is always visible, even if the user who logged in has only the role "External Translator".

    And if he sees the dashboard, he can always click on the link "See all projects" to display the list of all projects in the relevant organization.