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Check-in failed


When trying to check in a translated file, the translator gets the following error message:

"You cannot check in the selected files because an error occurred while synchronizing the project."

She also cannot perform Save Target As.

Could somebody advise any solution?

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3 Replies

  • Not sure why you're getting the error, but a quick solution is to have the translator send you the bilingual .sdlxliff. The project manager can override their checkout and replace the .sdlxliff with the new one in the project managers job folder. This will allow you to then finalize the project updating the TM and generating the target file.
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    Thanks for the quick respond, Marty!

    The translators, of course, did in this way and the project was completed in time, but the client requires some solution for this problem. They paid big money for TM Server and wish it to function properly. :)
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    The first place is to check the version of Studio the translator is using (including patch revision). We've been running groupshare for a few years and generally when we have an issue, it's been the client side.