SDL License usage metering (Client license and Server user CAL + Online Editor license)

Hi All 

In the past, when translator were able to work only in SDL Trados Studio, we were primarily interested to understand how the client licences are used, how often do translators "end without" the available Studio license and for how long do they keep licences locked for them self. 

The solution for this was well presented by  in his post on SDL Licensing Server Manager logging features and Generating a SafeNet Monitoring Report. 




As GroupShare 2017 SR1 introduced the Online Editor, I'm facing the chalange how can we monitor and analyze the usage of GroupShare features at the same (extended) level of detail.

We would need to monitor:

- the usage of User CAL (separated per feature: Project server | TM server | Multiterm server ). Here we would like to know when the CAL was taken and when it was released. Additionaly it would be great if we could also get the information about user who used and release the CAL (user info could be replaced by a token or Unique ID). 
I know there is an Idea tagged as "planed for future development".

 - the usage of Online Editor licences. Here we would like to know when the OE license was assigned to a user and when it was released (with the information about user who is "taking" the OE license (user info could be replaced by a token or Unique ID).

the time Online Editor user actually spent using assigned OE license. This would probably need to be collected from the metadata or the "collaboration representation of SDLXLIFF" used when working with Online Editor.   Also with this feature we would need know the user who was working with  the OE (user info could be replaced by a token or Unique ID).

The Online Editor license usage logging and time spent would need to be designed that user would be represented with the same Unique ID.


Until the above is not implemented / developed, I'm wondering if anybody else is using any other method / tool for SDL Studio License usage monitoring and reporting.


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  • Hi Simon,

    Thank you for the great feedback. This is indeed one are we want to improve on and is on the roadmap, there's also an idea here:

    The things we are looking at offering are some of the below:

    • Who is connected right now
    • What version of Studio/MT Desktop are they connected with
    • Block connection from specific client versions (i.e. only allow Studio 2017 but not 2015)
    • What CALs are they consuming
    • Which TM/Termbase/Project are they connected to
    • Ability to “disconnect” a user
    • Last logon date/time per user
    • Some sort of admin panel for viewing statistics; such as progression data (graph?) of how many CALs in use over a day/week/month etc.
    • Ability to give designated seats, i.e. this user can only consume 1 Editor CAL for MT Server but not Viewer (this is probably more in the Edit User dialog)
    • The addition of a timed account would be very useful (i.e. specify an expiry date)



  • Hello Luis Lopes,

    We are looking to get a daily maximum and minimum as well as peak hours of usage.   I do not find any CALs logging on Groupshare and this would help us identify when we need to add CALs.

    Is there a way yet to do this?



  • Hi Ron,

    This is not yet possible.

    Throughout the next year we are planning to add the ability to gather details such as historic CAL usage information.


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