Groupshare need support SQL PaaS database model such as Azure SQL database

Hi SDL Groupshare product team,


Could you please let us know if Groupshare 2017 can support the SQL PaaS (Product as a Service) model as database (such as Microsoft Azure SQL Database)?

The normal SQL Server model need the host company to purchase the SQL server license one time so the initial cost is very high.  Furthermore, the physical machine is not very flexible for upgrading into higher performance and not easy for IT administration. 

While the SQL PaaS model can save the initial cost when deply the new Groupshare. E.g. The customer need ONLY pay the cost running SQL PaaS service according to DTU and running time. 

We do think it's very necessary for Groupshare to support the  SQL PaaS database model such as Azure SQL database. 


What's the opinion of other Groupshare users? What's suggestion or opinion of Groupshare Product Team?


Daniel Liu

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