Groupshare 2017 too slow

Many of our translators are complaining about the speed of Groupshare 2017.
Here are a couple examples:

1. TM lookup: This can take anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds

2. Checking out files: I timed it on my PC, for a 5MB file, it takes approx. 1 min 30 seconds to check out the file

3. Concordance search: We have to take a coffee break every time we want to search in the TM

* Note that we have many large TMs, i.e. 100,000 to 400,000 segments.

We also have exhausted all other possibilities (hardware, environment, settings) and believe Groupshare 2017 was shipped as a flawed product.
Also, we are not alone, I have talked with other people with the same problems.

Is our only choice to move back to Groupshare 2015? It would be great to hear any other solutions.

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  • Thank you for the feedback and I am sorry to hear you are dealing with this.
    I do understand what you are saying but I feel your case might be different to what Jesse has initially posted (even though the symptoms may be the same).

    When we talk about performance, Support needs to validate and do a healtcheck of the system and debug the logs and understand the workflow. 
    Support will get in touch with you on 00422189 but please note that they were waiting for a response from your side, since August 13th. Without a response it is hard for them to address this pain.

    Hope this helps,


  • Radu,

    I know that a response is pending becuase our IT guy and reseller's support person are on vacation but point is as head of the translation function I am not supposed to go deeply into sophisticated technical matters and should just enjoy the useful features of a very expensive meant- to-be-user-friendly product, however i have to raise technical issues and liaise with techical people on a regular basis since the product does not function as it should. Which is frustrating and time-consuming.

  • I agree that you, as a non-technical person, should not have to do this.  On the same account why post in here and complain if nobody can actually get back to us so we can help?

    I fully appreciate your frustration, but it helps no one if we can't actually help you because we don't have a technical person to deal with.  We are all waiting to try and improve this situation for you.  We don't like this any more than you do.

  • Paul

    This case was logged quite some time ago. Our IT support and reseller support people were in touch with SDL support on a regular basis and provided lots of requested details but there was no progress, unfortunately.

    The reason why I have posted it here is to highlight the issue of slow performance which as I know from other sources and also see here is not a unique case, and to encourage SDL to do something to improve the Studio and GS performance without additional investment on the cutomer side.

  • Hi ,

    I have contacted you via your open support case and, as this is an issue specific to your server, I ask that we continue to correspond via the support portal.

    I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you that the issue has not yet been resolved, however we will need access to your GroupShare and SQL servers in order to proceed. I hope that someone other that your IT engineer is able to give us the access we need to investigate further, and that we don't have to prolong the issue by waiting for his return.

    Regarding your reseller being on holiday, my manager spoke to them this week so they should be available if we need their help.

    I look forward to continuing the investigation via our support portal.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Nick

    I have forwarded your message to our reseller. thank you.