Input Models "disappear"


Do you experience this problem, too?

Sometimes, after choosing an input model in Studio, I can see it in the appropriate field, but as soon as I add a new term the input model disappears. Or if I was using another input model before, it goes back to the old one. The only workaround is to close Studio and reopen it. It apppears to be random.

I asked Support, but they could not give me a solution, because they could not reproduce the error.

It happens to me and to my colleagues in our office. And we always use Flag layout, as Default Layout does (still) not work properly with Input models.

We have GroupShare, therefore all termbases and TMs are server based.

Thank you, Angelo

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  • Hello and ,

    I hadn't realised how much time had passed since these original posts, but I've been meaning to come back and see whether there is any news on this?
    In the meantime I've been using a workaround solution as follows:
    - while translating, add terms to a basic termbase without using any input model/fields
    - each month (or when I remember!), convert this basic termbase to Excel using Glossary Converter
    - edit the Excel export to add custom fields
    - import this edited export into my "real" termbase, with the appropriate custom fields
    - delete the contents of the basic termbase ready for use with new projects
    This is obviously a rather long process, and would be unnecessary if the input models worked as they should.

    Please let me know if there have been any replies/developments!
    On a related note - I've been wondering if anyone knows whether this issue has been resolved in Studio 2019?

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