Disable external translator access to a TM (GS 2017 SR1)

I'm looking for help with preparing permissions for external translators so that they can work on projects they are assigned to but cannot use the client's TM outside the project to which they are assigned, or any other solution that restricts access to TM. Or maybe not permissions but some other tpe of configuration of organizations maybe?

Right now I'm seeing that if a user as the View TM permission he can open a TM from the GS srver and use it for his own projects.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

  • Hi where do you have your TM's if in same GU Origanzition thae they can see the tm's
    if you crate one GU Origanzition and put your users into this you can then say thet thera are no TM's and also don't have the TMS in root GU organization. If you need help whit this just send mi a private massage.
    For GU projects said that asigned usere have External Transltion role. and use phase in sdl studio.