Is upgrading to GS 2017 easier than installing GS for the first time?

We're about to upgrade to GS 2017 and I'm just wondering if our IT team will have a lot to do before SDL Professional Services proceed with the remote installation.

The first time around there were servers to set up, but they already exist for GS 2015 so I'm guessing SDL can often use the same settings. What about the data, do we have to worry about reimporting or long transfers during the GS upgrade? The only component we did not install was MultiTerm Anywhere.


  • Dear Michel Paquin,

    Thank you for creating this thread on Community. 

    If the system setup for Database\GroupShare meets the requirements for GroupShare 2017, then Professional Services team will be able to make use of this existing server.  Before the actual upgrade to GS 2017, you will receive an installation questionnarire where you will add details and setup that already exist for GroupShare 2015 and based on this SDL will be able to provide more info.

    In this document you also information related to Termbases\Translation Memories migration, and if this is completed, this data will be migrated during the upgrade.

    As soon as Professional Services team has all details concerning the existing setup, they will be able to estimate how long this transition will take place.

    I hope this helps.
    Best regards,