GroupShare 2017 - SR1 CU9 (trial version)

Hello, can you help?
During the creation / assigning / publishing the Studio project to a GroupShare this Error: Failed to change language file assignments !

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  • Hi ,

    Are RabbitMQ Server and Erlang OTP installed? If so, is the RabbitMQ Windows service running?

    If the above are not installed in Programs and Features then:

    1. Run PowerShell as Administrator.
    2. Enter the following commands and wait for them to complete:

    cd "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\SDL\Dependencies"

    3. Restart the GroupShare services again (and manually start any that don't start automatically).

    If you already have these programs installed, and the RabbitMQ service won't start (or you continue to have problems starting the GroupShare services), then uninstall both of them and follow the steps above to reinstall.

    Kind regards,