GroupShare 2017 - SR1 CU9 (trial version)

Hello, can you help?
During the creation / assigning / publishing the Studio project to a GroupShare this Error: Failed to change language file assignments !

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  • Hi ,

    Did you reinstall RabbitMQ as I advised?

    There is no obvious fix for the problem you are experiencing based on your screenshots, and without a thorough investigation it's unlikely we will come to a conclusion here.

    If reinstalling RabbitMQ / Erlang doesn't work then I advise you to:

    1. Uninstall all GroupShare components from Programs and Features.

    2. Download the latest (CU10) installer from your SDL account.

    3. Make sure the GroupShare services user (the Windows user who the GroupShare services will be run as) is an local Administrator on the server, and also has sysadmin permissions on the SQL server.

    4. Log into the server as the GroupShare services user.

    5. Run the latest installer.

    Kind regards,