GroupShare 2017 Performance


I have seen lots of discussions about this topic, but what about the latest version is it any faster?

From our experience when comparing with SG CU 4 2015 the new GS 2017 SR1 CU9 the old one is about 20% slower - on the server with the same specs.

Could anyone share some knowledge? What are your impressions in real production?


  • While there have been some performance issues switching to 2017, GS 2017 SR1 CU9 is fine and snappier in web ui use, in searches and in TM queries.

    Of course I think it strongly depends on your database. If you have a very old database with a lot of data it could be slower. Also periodically rebuilding indexes on TM and performing a good maintenance on SQL Server helps.

    We had a very very "ancient" database and at a certain point we decided to restart from scratch manually exporting and reimporting TMS to the new database. I have to say it took a lot of time but it was worth all the hassle. Right now our groupshare works like a charm!

    So IMHO it strongly depends on the kind of data you have, but generally speaking GroupShare itself works fine in its CU9 version.


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