Disable the upLIFT function

Is it possible to disable completely the upLIFT function in GS2017? Is it possible to disable the upLIFT function for individual TMs?

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  • Hi ,

    By default the upLIFT task only runs overnight between the hours of 9:00pm and 6:00am. If this is inside your working hours you can easily change it by editing the config files. You can also tell the service to use fewer processes if you like (the workerCount number).

    These are the two config files:

    C:\Program Files\SDL\SDL Server\FGAService\Sdl.FineGrainedAlignmentService.Agent.exe.config
    C:\Program Files\SDL\SDL Server\TranslationModelService\Sdl.TranslationModelService.Host.exe.config

    And this is the part you need to change in each:

      <rule workerCount="10" from="21:00" to="06:00" />

    When you've done this you will need to restart the GroupShare services. Make sure all of the services are running following the restart.

    Kind regards,