My GroupShare translations are not reaching my agency

Hello, I am using Studio Freelance 2017 (SR1 14.1.10017). I work for an agency that has recently started using GroupShare and Plunet. What I have done so far: I open the GroupShare project, check out the file(s), translate them as usual (making sure that the flag on the top left is for my language pair), save the file, finalise it, and check it back in again. My agency says, however, that it is not receiving my files. After a TeamViewer session, my Project Manager says I must not finalise the project, but check it in as it is. A test run appeared to confirm that I should not finalise the project before checking in. Can anyone confirm this? 
The second problem is that, besides the server TM, I loaded file-based TMs of my own (these represent over 20 years of work in my specialist field, so I think the chance of some hits is fairly good). My PM says this is an absolute no-go, and is also the reason why my translations are not reaching the agency. I personally have great doubts about this second point - surely it must be possible to use my own file-based TMs as well as the agency's server-based TM? Does anyone have any knowledge about this second problem? Thank you very much. Hugh