"Hello community,

Now we have the Groupshare 2017 together in one server but we want to separate the application server to a different server and hope to be more efficient and more stable.

We have aprox. 150 TMs and its very difficult to install from scratch.

I am wondering if it is good idea to install the application server on a different server and try to connect with database server.

Any help?"

i've read this from a year ago but no one helped him
still wonder how to handle this problem

  • Hi ,

    Probably the easiest way to do this would be to leave your existing server as the SQL server and to set up a new application server. Then you would install GroupShare on the new application server and point it to the (old) SQL server for its databases. Don't forget to transfer GroupShare's FileStore to the new application server too.

    If you are using SQL Express you should also consider upgrading to SQL Standard (or better) as the Express edition has limitations that can impede performance.

    Kind regards,