GroupShare - not appear on Studio

I need help. I must deliver a work that ends now and the TradosShare Guide Group has disappeared from my Trados Studio 2017 SR1 window.

Can someone help me please? Thanks. 

  • Hello,
    Thank you for raising this in our community and I am sorry to see that no one managed to reply to your post.
    To be able to understand an issue in detail, it would help if we have more details of what is not working.
    When you experienced this issue, did your connection to GroupShare failed? Did you maybe encountered an error saying this does not work? Was your server still setup in Studio > under File > Setup > Server.
    While we hope this is no longer an ongoing problem, for the future, for this type of troubleshoot problems it would help if you get in touch with SDL Support.
    I hope this helps
    Best regards,