Problems to access to translation memories on Groupshare Projects

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I am a Freelance translator working with SDL Trados Studio 2019 for an agency which uses Groupshare. Before starting to work on Groupshare projects, I did the login to their server correctly. The server status is always available.

However, since they share with me projects through Groupshare, I always have problems to access the TM, so I can´t work properly. After having done the checkout on the text I have to translate, a message appears on the Editor´s view:  “The translator provider [name of the TM] could not be opened and has been disabled”.

Usually, the steps I follow are:

  • Accessing to Trados (my version is 2019) through Groupshare link the agency automatically sends me. I save the project in the appropriate file. Then, I go to the Project view in Trados and I visualize the file to be translated. I select it, I proceed with the checkout, and then I double-click on it to open the Editor view.
  • While the Editor view is loading, a pop-up comes out with the message “The translator provider [name of the TM] could not be opened and has been disabled”:



  • Then the text finishes loading, and I realize that the TM nor TB are working.
  • I check on Project settings, and I try to select the TM (server-based) of the project to enable it, but the same pop-up comes out:

  • So, at this point I always must ask to the agency for the local TM. I usually save it in the same file where the project is and I load it manually inside the project, and in this way, it always works:



 So, why do I have access to the project in Groupshare but not to the server-based TM, although the server status is always available, and I am connected to it?

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  • Dear Yaiza,

    I hope that my reply finds you well.
    The described behavior depends on how the agency (that owns GroupShare) assignes these projects.

    E.g we are aware of a scenario in GroupShare, where using Dynamic Resource allocation (for projects) and a server TM with a "+"sign  can end up disabling the TM access, after assignment. But I am not sure if this applies to your case.
    The best step moving forward is to ask the agency (the one that owns GroupShare) to raise a case for SDL Support and Support will be able to narrow this down.

    I hope this helps.