The first service release for SDL Trados GroupShare 2020 is now available!

Hi all,

We are very happy to announce Service Release 1 for SDL Trados GroupShare 2020 (Build 3116 | released 15 of June 2020).

This installer, named SDL_Trados_GroupShare_2020_Service_Release_1.exe (1,9 GB), is a full installer which can be used to install new and update existing instances on SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 SR1 (from CU10) and SDL Trados GroupShare 2020 CU02.

The 2020 SR1 introduces the following new highlight features to SDL Trados GroupShare:

Real-time updates and notifications

SDL Trados GroupShare 2020 SR1 introduces real-time updates to make collaborative project management easier than ever. As you change file phases or assignments, check-out files or make any other changes, your updates are instantly visible to other users working on the same project. Users also receive on-screen notifications about new projects so that no one misses important updates.

Live updating and notifications mean that project members no longer have to manually refresh the page to make sure projects are synced:



New project-type report: Post Translation Analysis

SDL Trados GroupShare 2020 SR1 can now create a new project report. This enables you, for example, to get a detailed overview of the contribution to the localization efforts of each project member per document.

In detail, the PTA shows the number of words, segments and characters translated by each translator who has worked on a project file. The counts are grouped by match rate to help you determine translation efforts accurately:

The PTA report is also generated automatically, as part of the Finalize task.

PerfectMatch when creating project in SDL Trados GroupShare

SDL Trados GroupShare 2020 SR1 further enables you to take advantage of our well-known PerfectMatch feature by making it available for creating projects on the website.

This will enable you to reuse previous translations, either by referencing older projects or by adding previous, bilingual files to your new source file versions.


Delete organizations and the content it includes

You can now delete organizations and sub-organizations that contain users, translation memories, termbases, sub-organizations or libraries. In effect, you no longer have to first manually delete all the resources inside an organization before being able to delete the organization itself, saving you valuable time when in need to clean-up your environment.


User profile pictures

You are now able to customize the how user profiles appear in SDL Trados GroupShare 20201 SR1 by adding custom pictures. These offer an alternative to the default avatars that show your initials on a colored background.

The profile pictures appear in various places in the SDL Trados GroupShare views, e.g. to illustrate the users assigned to work on projects or tasks.

Find the full release notes here:  SDL Trados GroupShare 2020 SR1 Release Notes

Thank you,
Phillip Maieski | Product Management, SDL
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