Project Creation direct in Groupshare 2020

We're looking at ways to create new projects using the Groupshare 2020 API

It would seem that using Groupshare alone (not Studio), whether you create a project from the API or the Web UI your first step is to select a Project Template

This template has a single source language, and a set number of target languages stored in it

The project will always be created into every one of the target languages of the template, there is no method for selecting languages

There seems to be no way to create a new project and specify during project creation which languages are required

Q1 can it really be that you need to create a template for every possible permutation of language pair you might want to have in a project?
ie. if you do not know in advance that this is repeat business into the same language pairs... there needs to be a template to choose for every eventuality
(this is not how Studio works)

To apply TMs these must be saved in the template therefore

Q2 can it really be that for evey customer you need a set of every possible permutation of language pair templates

This would mean we cannot build a project creation portal that allows the user to pick and choose language pairs, without creating thousands of templates.  At least, you cannot do so with the Groupshare API.  You would be forced to do so with the Studio API and then upload the project to Groupshare