Recompute Fuzzy Index Statistics is jammed


This week, two of our users were simultaneously importing multiple TMXs (different language pairs), into one of their GroupShare 2014 TMs (via Studio 2014). After a couple imports, the Recompute fuzzy index statistic task started to get stuck. The TUs were still getting imported, but the users are now unable to get past the Recomputing step for any new import they try to make into that TM. 

We checked the TM via the online Groupshare platform, and saw that the recomputing was still running (see screenshot), and it has been for 3 days now:

I assume that the problem stems from the simultaneous re-importing and recomputing actions, which probably caused some sort of jam. Is this possible?

Also, now we're not sure how to interrupt the Recompute process...

Would someone be able to help us with this? 

Thanks in advance!