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Warning -XXX.json file encoding is ASCII, which is not recommended by JSON standards.

Hi all:

I'd appreciate if you have any information about the following:


I have two JSON files which I want to add to my Passolo project. When I add them and create the string lists I receive a warning which says that the two files are encoded in ASCII, which is not recommended by JSON standards. However, if I open my files in Notepad++ they seem to be encoded in UTF-8. I don't see any way to change the file encoding in Passolo or any way to configure this (within the JSON parser options). Does anybody know why this happens?

After this, I tried to Scan Target File (Alignment), but I receive the following error:

ERROR - Unhandled Exception in Add-In. Component='DnJsonParser.Components.ParserComponent' Method='ParseFile' Message='Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' StackTrace=' at DnJsonParser.Parsers.JsonFileParser.ChangeResourcePath(String path)
at DnJsonParser.Parsers.JsonFileParser.ParseFile()
at DnJsonParser.Components.ParserComponent.ParseFile(String filename, enmParsingTypes action, CPAICustomFile customFile)
at PAIFN_ParseFile(Char* filename, Int32 action, IPAICustomFile* customfile)'
ERROR - Unhandled exception in add-in "JSON Parser".

I've been trying to fix it for a while, but with no success...

Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you.

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4 Replies

  • Hi,
    to save in utf-8 it's better to use the standard notepad.
    Open the file and do a file save as. You can change the Encoding before to click save.
    After your file will work in Passolo.
  • In reply to Daniel Masson:

    Hi, Dan,

    Thank you very much for this! I did what you suggested and it worked. It seems that with Notepad the file was encoded with UTF-8 BOM and now Passolo doesn't complain about the encoding of the file. However, I still have the issue mentioned in the second part of my message when doing the Scan Target File (Alignment): the error about JSON parser. Any advice on this?

    Thank you for your first response.

    Juan Carlos
  • In reply to Juan Carlos Munoz Morano:

    Hi Juan, For the alignment, it's very often a bad line in the file translated file. Open your file and remove then haft and try again. If it's working add the haft of the data, you remove the first time. If it’s not working remove another haft of the file. By dichotomy search you will find the bad line. To save time keep a log of the line number working or not. When you find the bad line and fix it you original, keep in mind you can have more another bad line. You can also try to create a project in Passolo with the translated file to see if your file is good.
    Good day
  • In reply to Daniel Masson:

    Hi, Dan,

    I see what you say. I'll do this and try to find the problematic lines. Thank you for your answers and your input.

    Have a good day,
    Juan Carlos