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Passolo 2016 Team edition. Exporting translations into a TMX 1.4 file is not working

Hi, I'm using Passolo 2016 Team Edition.

I'm trying to export our translations into a TMX 1.4 file, but all I get is the header. I have tried all the options in the TMX Export Settings, but it does not seem to make a difference. Any answers/suggestions will be appreciated.

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2 Replies

  • Hi,

    I just tried to reproduce this and I can do so if all the strings are either "translated and for review" or "untranslated." I think this is because the default settings do not include "Additionally export translated entries that are not validated."

    Click on Settings when you are on "Export Formats" window and "SDL Passolo TMX Export" option is selected.
    Ensure option "Additionally export translated entries that are not validated" is checked before exporting

  • In reply to Naoko Jones:

    Thank you so much, it did work :)