Exporting Studio Settings in Passolo

In Passolo 2016 if I try to export my settings for Trados Studio to an .xfg file under Add-Ins, Passolo nags that no active language pair has been selected for the export. This is not true. If I select the only option available "Write/Save all settings" in the dialog, it initially appears that Passolo saves the settings, but in reality it does nothing. This appears to be a major glitch. Has anyone experienced this before or better yet, have a solution?

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  • Can you please explain this in further detail. Exporting .xfg files are related to XML settings for user defined XML files. This is usually not related to Trados Studio settings. Files exported using the SDL Passolo XML Export/Import add-in can be processed using SDL Trados Studio and the corresponding SDL file type setting is stored in the Passolo installation directory.

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    Hi Achim,

    Thanks for replying. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a screenshot of what I'm talking about.

    As you can see, this pertains to the TM settings and simply does not work. The same option is available for termbases. There, I can export the settings.

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    Thank you for clarification. I quickly tested the export functionality for TM settings and it works fine with my SDL Passolo 2016 (CU12 build 408). There is a newer version. I haven't read through all 2016 release notes at gateway.sdl.com/.../communityknowledge. Maybe there was an issue with the export that was fixed in the past. If you are working with an older CU, please use the AutoUpdate and install the latest version. If the problem still occurs after updating, please log a case in the SDL support portal at https://gateway.sdl.com
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    Thanks. I have the latest version 16.0.412.0 installed. The export function simply does not work.
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    I updated my software to CU13 build 412 and got the same result. It is working properly on my end. To investigate the issue in further detail you should log a case in the SDL support portal https://gateway.sdl.com. As it doesn't seem to be a general problem on all systems our support engineers will be able to find out what it different on your system that makes it impossible to save the configuration.