Why does Passolo 2018 freeze when updating string lists?

I open an existing Passolo project.

Some source files were changed, so the string lists need updating.

I select the appropriate source string lists, then right-click and select "Create/Update String List".

The string lists appear to update but the status bar in the dialog stops and Passolo freezes. I have to kill the process in Task Manager.

What is also puzzling is that this same problem occurs in old projects as well, when it did not before.

Has anyone experienced this before or have an idea what might be causing this. 

Many thanks.

Will Cass








































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  • I don't think that such an issue can be solved in a discussion forum. Please log a support case at https://gateway.sdl.com. What you can test upfront is which of your source files is causing this issue by creating a separate test project with just the problematic file that allows the support engineers to easily reproduce the issue.