Use the find result as filter

In Passolo I can use the find dialog [ctrl+F] to list phrases that match a certain somewhat complex criteria, i.e. regular expressions. This lists the results in the lower right where I can step throug them using [F3]. Sometimes this is nice to see how the phrase fits with its neighbors. Sometimes I only want to see exactly these results.

I have tried the filter, especially the basic expression match, but this does not like regular expressions.

Right now I am trying to filter all phrases where the ID ends with [0-9]-FL" and the text contains letters, but this will change as I check other things...


Is there a way to use the find tool in the filter?

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  • The Search and the Filter feature are separate and therefore Search results cannot simple be converted into a filter. From the functionality the Search is able to use regular expression while the Filter can use BASIC expressions from the object model to define filter. A combination of both functions (regular expressions and BASIC expressions) would be very complex to insert and maintain for users, so it was decided not to combine them.

    There is one possible solution, but it would require to develop a small macro. If you implement a system macro that is implementing the PSL_OnFilterTransString() event you implement on your own which entry is filtered or not. Of course you can use regular expressions within your macro and the Filter dialog allows it to pass a use defined string to the macro which makes it even more flexible.

    The Automation Help contains more information and a small code sample.