Error Messages in Passolo version: Team Edition 2018,

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Hello there!

I have encountered difficulties when trying to work with Passolo for a week now. It hapened all of a sudden, although I haven't done anything unusual while working with it. The SDL Support tried to fix the problem, but still if an error has been resolved, the next one will appear / re-appear.

  • "Runtime error" appears when opening the file of a Passolo project.
  • "Cannot find license Information" appears afterwards.
  • "Cannot open..." appears when I try to open a project again.
  • "Server busy" (Server ist ausgelastet) appears when I try to generate the target.
  • Error "PAITransMultiTerm": although the PAITransMultiTerm.pai file has been repaired a couple of time, the Setup cannot be carried out.
  • According to the support the reason might be the roaming user Profile, but

Suppose all the problems could be fixed, they'll all be back after the reboot of the PC.

Does anybody know the reason and... how to resolve the problems once and for all?

Passolo version: Team Edition 2018,

Thank you in advance for you help!

Warm regards

Amelle Jaeger

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  • The described problem seem to be very specific, therefore will be difficult to solve here in the forum. You mentioned that the SDL support already worked with you solve the problem, so you should stick and ask the support engineers for further help.
  • In reply to Achim Herrmann:

    Dear Achim,

    This not exactly the answer I was hoping for, but thank you anyway. I'm still in contact with the support...
  • In reply to Amelle Jaeger:

    Sorry for not being able to offer you further help. As a consultant in presales I’m answering most of the product related questions that are of interest for many clients in my spare time and I’m not monitoring the forum on a daily basis.

    The forum is not a substitute for our support department. Very specific problems like yours can only be analyzed with sample files and projects or with remote access to you system and this is clearly only provided by our support team.
  • In reply to Achim Herrmann:

    I know that. I mean, I'm having at least one remote session a day with the support. Have a nice day :-)