Can translated Excel files get a Language ID?


I have a project in which a source file comes from Excel. Is it possible to attach a language ID to the targets (e.g. file_en.xlsx)? The Excel parser add-in doesn't seem to provide this.
The texts are translated into more than 15 languages and it would be very disadvantageous if I could not distinguish between the files supplied by the translation agency.

Best regards
Silke Franz

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  • Hi Silke,

    By default Excel translations are saved in the same file but different columns.

    You can create a custom target path rule: 

    and then apply this rule to the target languages string settings and Passolo will create separate files for each language.



    Adrian Maniu

  • In reply to Adrian Maniu:

    Hello Adrian, I also had the idea with the user-defined target path rule. I failed because the project contains more source files that are not from Excel.
    I have now solved the problem by managing the Excel file in a separate project. Thank you, Silke Franz
  • In reply to Silke Franz:

    Target Path rules do NOT apply to the complete project. They can be applied to some or selected target files in the project if necessary while other target files in the project can use inbuilt or parser specific target path rules or doesn't use any target path rule at all.