Problem parsing bilingual XML file

I am trying to parse a bilingual XML resource file, en > ja. The Passolo help suggests that it is possible:

However, I cannot seem to to separate the source from the target in the target string list, and get the target strings in both English and Japanese columns in the string list.

This is a sample of what I have:

<description id="charsetName" description="Character set">
<translation langid="ja" description="文字セット" />
<description id="charsetDesc" description="Defines the character set of the environment.">
<translation langid="ja" description="環境の文字セットを定義します。" />
<description id="asciiName" description="ASCII">
<translation langid="ja" description="ASCII" />
<description id="ebcdicName" description="EBCDIC">
<translation langid="ja" description="EBCDIC" />

Can anyone help me with the XML parser please?


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  •  Hi Will,

    I think Passolo is not capable to process your XML structure. The documentation shows how to process the translation of the inner xml tag. Your translation data is part of the XML attributes. But Passolo seems to process only meta data (comment, properties,...) in attributes. So you will not be able to declare your attributes as translation content.

  • In reply to Robert K.:

    Passolo can extract content from attributes using a rule similar to
    div/attribute::id (This will extract the content of the attribute ID from the DIV element)
  • You need a different format for the XML file.
    Please check details about processing bilingual or multilingual XML files from the post:
  • In reply to Adrian Maniu:

    Thanks a lot for your help
  • In reply to Will Cass:

    I resolved the issue by reformatting the XML to elements for content instead of attributes (as had been supplied):

    <description id="charsetName">
    <target langid="en">Character set</target>
    <target langid="ja">文字セット</target>

    <description id="charsetDesc">
    <target langid="en">Defines the character set of the environment.</target>
    <target langid="ja">環境の文字セットを定義します。</target>

    and used this parser:

    Now all I need to do is to persuade developers to reformat their XML! :-)


    Thanks again.